le matin

De près les fleurs roses

Sans des lunettes

De loin les fleurs roses

Mais malgré d’un jardin petit

Plein de fleurs

Je connais pas

Les noms des arbres tropicaux


Un honte


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The island of flowers

See you next year


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swipe the byline

Byline- the memoirs of Therese Mills, now available on Kindle! Let your fingers do the reading....


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toasting therese

What a year! 2016 belonged to Therese. Thanks to all who made her memoirs a resounding success

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Matthew leaves its stamp on Haiti. With the ceaseless battering of the island by Mother Nature, should we rename it Hatey?

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byline online

Published at last-my mother´s memoirs: Byline The memoirs of Therese Mills. On sale at Paper Based at the Normandie Hotel, TT and at Pop In, Ellersie Plaza. And of course, on Amazon! Also direct sales. Call 771 7273

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bottoms up

 “And even at that stage he said to me, ‘nah, no man ain’t digging up my bottom like that.’ 

Dr. Keith Rowley recounting an anecdote about telling a political friend who had colon cancer that he should have undertaken tests to detect the disease earlier.

People shocked, disgusted at his coarseness. Not his first outing into the vulgar, not his last. Out of desperation the PNM took Rowley in 2010, gave him a coat of varnish,  a patina of respectability and voila!

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I SAY if Trinis want to go and fight for ISIS let them go. But no return ticket. And ISIS will find out. The first ones to run when Obama drop a drone will be the Trinis. ISIS will be IGONE   


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right hand man

Not even the Daily Show´s dapper host Trevor Noah got it. Rudy Giuliani´s brain hasn´t gone addled. He didn´t get top and bottom mixed up. His confusion was feigned. He pointed at his feet and said top; at his head and said bottom; at his right and left and said middle and side, respectively. Had he pointed at his head and said top, at his feet and said bottom, at his left and said left and at his right and said right, it would have been too obvious. It would have been seen for what it is: a cross. Plus he´s not going to include the word "left" for obvious reasons. Note also according to the ex mayor, the middle is the right hand, which in the Bible is the position of Jesus next to the Lord.  And what he calls the side is his left, i.e. the side is the left hand, which is the Latin word for sinister, but moreover, it represents the goats (separated from the sheep) who on Judgement Day go to everlasting fire. The goat is the symbol for Satan. The side is thus the evil, the outsiders, the foreigners, the Muslims, the Mexicans etc. Now you may say, "Nah Rudy isn´t so clever. Are you a conspiracy theorist?" Maybe. But don´t be quick to discard the thesis. Consider my contention...

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black and blue

The first question from American TV networks in the aftermath of the killing of the Dallas cops last night: Could this be terrorism? And by that they mean Muslims. It was so well coordinated, they blubbered.So was Kennedy´s assassination!

It´s easier to believe the threat comes from outside, than to look within. 

Americans no longer want to look at themselves and admit theirs is not a great society, that racism, hate and violence are rampant. It will not be a great society until all people are truly equal. If candidate Donald Trump can say the racist things he says and people applaud, then America is rotting.

 Nazi websites abound. Neo Nazis now boldly fly their flags. The KKK is on the rise. The vitriol on the internet is astounding. "Africans eat Africans. Blacks kill blacks. Blacks are stupid."  

Post racial America? Obama´s election has brought the white supremacists out of the woodwork like termites take wings. Blacks counter and are once again on the march. 

Whites can´t understand how blacks fear the law. They don´t get that one still has to fight as one did in the sixties and seventies.Violence begets violence. Where does it end? Police will be even more wary of blacks and blacks will shake and shiver when they see the blue.

America cannot be a great society when Speaker Paul Ryan thinks supporting a racist is no threat to national security, when everyone knows a civil war/battle between races can eat at/corrode the very fabric of the USA. The USA is a country living on a knife´s edge and ISIS, though loathsome, cannot serve always as the fall guy.

They say when you dig one grave, dig two. While the GOP seeks to bury Hillary in irrelevant emails, racism and hate is sinking the USA. The enemy lies within. And that enemy has guns. It is war in America. 

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faris or farce?

You can´t even stop the murders, nor the torrent of drugs and guns, but you are giving the spy agency more "serious" crimes to monitor? Crimes such as bigamy! Are you kidding me? It´s a sideshow. But you have to give the AG his due: Faris can string together words into never ending sentences that make him sound erudite but mean absolutely zip. All I heard was blah, blah, blah. Let´s talk in six months, when the murder toll is 200 plus. They don´t get it. Legalise or die. You can´t fight the cartels: you are trying to catch the tons of coke and heroin with a fishing rod.  

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Mescaline Mas

Don´t know if it´s ironic, embarrassing or downright frustrating that bandleaders name sections and assign them a theme when the lone distinction is the color of the feathers and bikinis. If they really believe their spin, I want a few of their "designer" magic mushrooms!  

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car moaner

Our President needs to attend to protocol and not to pulpit and politicking! Another PP pick up sticks!

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Praise Jah!!!!

Jump Nyabinghi

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